Creating Realistic Eyes for Games

Peter Zoppi
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Specifically for Marmoset Toolbag 2 & 3, this video will take you through creating realistic eyes for video games from start to finish. We will cover some theory at the start by analyzing reference.  We will look at eye anatomy and decide on the specific traits of the eyeball that we need to accurately create.  It will move into Maya for modeling and we will cover various ways of creating eyes.  We will discuss the upside and downside of the various ways eyes can be created and ultimately will make a version of the eyes that will properly simulate all aspects of the eye.  We will then move into baking normal maps, texturing the eyes and rendering them in Marmoset Toolbag 2


Eye reference analyzation

Modeling in Maya and Baking Normals

Texturing in Photoshop

Toolbag 2 Scene setup, shader setup and attributes

You Get:

1 hour video tutorial (1080p w/ audio) .MOV format video

Low Poly Meshes

High Poly Meshes


Working PSD 

Toolbag 2 Scene File

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Creating Realistic Eyes for Games

21 ratings
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